The following are MP3 files from the live album: The Improv Sectors. Voltage Control (Russ Magee, Rod Dornian, and Nebulous) recorded the following tracks around mid-2005. All tracks are completely improvised, with no discussion before or during composition.


For those of you who are artists, visual effects people, or animators, the Voltage Control and Synthetica MP3 material on this site is available for you to use in your animations and projects, as long as the project is non-commercial. For commercial productions, please feel free to contact me at the address below, and we'll work out an agreeable arrangement.

Please -- if you use any of our tracks -- credit us for the musical score. Eg) If you use part of or all of a Voltage Control track, please credit the score to Voltage Control, and list the URL somewhere, so that others may visit this domain.


1st Sector _ MP3

2nd Sector _ MP3

3rd Sector _ MP3

4th Sector _ MP3

5th Sector _ MP3

6th Sector _ MP3