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Retron (excerpt) MP3

HB-88 (excerpt) MP3

Advanced Scout Proteus (excerpt) MP3

Drop Sequence (excerpt) MP3

Corporation Killer (excerpt) MP3

Theta (excerpt) MP3

E S C A P E (excerpt) MP3

Resolution (excerpt) MP3

Concrete Kingdom (excerpt) MP3

12th Realm (excerpt) MP3

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Check out the following tracks from the first VCon album, HIGHER POWER:

Enslaved (complete : remastered) MP3

In Space (excerpt) MP3

Demigod (complete : remastered) MP3

What's Real (excerpt) MP3

Terminal Transition (excerpt) MP3

Train Of Thought (complete : remastered) MP3

Sub-Orbital Transit (complete : remastered) MP3

Split Fusion (complete : remastered) MP3

Off-World (excerpt) MP3

Voltage Control music and compositions, copyright (1999-2016) Klankboom Productions.


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